Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My Progress So Far

I decided to start gradually, making a few small changes that would be easier to sustain. I didn't what to change my diet and lifestyle drastically straight away- I honestly think this would have made it more difficult for me to maintain and I most likely would not have kept it up for as long as I have. These are the changes I've made so far:

  • Exercise. I feel like this one is probably the place most people would start, as I did. I decided to start slowly and gradually build up, but this didn't last long. I did (and am still doing) Wii Zumba, and I love it. The Wii appears to be dying out, and this is the only thing we really use ours for now, but it's helped me so much on the exercise front. Though I'd planned on doing only 20 minutes of Zumba three times a week, I promptly increased this. How often I Exercise a week varies. If I'm doing an hour I exercise around three times a week, but if I'm doing less than an hour I'll exercise more frequently. I thoroughly recommend Zumba, whether it's a class at the gym, videos on YouTube or on the Wii if you still happen to own one- it really is great fun and provides an excellent work out!
  • Drinking more water. I didn't start with this straight away (I think I only began drinking water when not exercising about two months in!) but it was surprisingly more easy than I thought it would be. Again, I started slowly and gradually increased my intake, which helped get used to taking in a huge amount of water. The only downside is needing the toilet all the time- if it weren't for that I would have borderline drowned myself in water.
  • Buying a NutriBullet. I didn't actually buy it myself, but I certainly make good use of it! It's been great as it's allowed me to get in lots more fruit and vegetables, and it makes them taste so good too! I'm having great fun experimenting and coming up with new juice flavours.
  • Cutting out junk food (mostly). This one has been incredibly difficult, but I think I'm doing pretty well! At the moment my cravings have died down, but they're quite often all over the place, which makes it difficult to cut down completely. I never actually planned to cut out unhealthy food altogether- I believe that part of leading a healthy lifestyle is allowing yourself foods you enjoy that are not as healthy as forbidding yourself from eating these foods can very well lead to you binging on them later on as cravings spiral out of control- but I do think I've indulged more than I should have. Still, I've been doing a lot better than I have done, so that's a start!
  • Learning to cook. I've only started cooking very recently, but I feel like I've been pretty successful so far. I'd always told myself I was a terrible cook, but it turns out that this isn't really the case! Cooking puts you in control- you get to eat what you want, how you like it, and you know exactly what's gone into your meal. It's also far healthier than eating processed food that's full of additives and other crap.
  • Cutting down on diet Coke. Diet Coke (and Coke Zero, Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi- I don't discriminate!) is truly my vice. I can drink tons of it, I really do love it. Considering this, it was incredibly difficult to cut down on, and I was very reluctant to do so (only managing to cut it out about two months in). I feel like the reasons one is not supposed to drink diet fizzy drinks is a bit vague, but thinking about all the chemicals in diet Coke makes me feel a bit queasy, and I don't like to think about what it could do to my body.
The changes I've made haven't been perfect but I've managed to integrate them into my lifestyle with great ease, and I've found that they've really suited me so far. I hope to further improve my diet and lifestyle in order to become healthier. I also hope that reading this might help someone to take the steps to improve their own lifestyles and become healthier. I know that I all of this has been reiterated time and time again. It really isn't as difficult as it might seem (though it's not as easy as others might make it out to be)- the best thing I've found is to make changes gradually and to be patient and not put pressure on yourself. You know you best!

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