Friday, 27 May 2016

Changes I Still Need To Make

This post is basically a follow up of my previous one where I outlined all the changes I have made to my diet and lifestyle so far. While I feel like I have made lots of great changes so far, there is still a lot more I feel I could do. These are a few changes I've failed to make, but still want to work on:
  • Eat more vegetables. I don't particularly like vegetables that much, which makes it difficult. The NutriBullet has helped me get in a few more vegetables than I would have, and sometimes I cook them into meals, but I would like to get to the point where I'm having at least one portion of vegetables with my dinner.
  • Develop a more regular sleep pattern. I often sleep late, which means I wake up late, and sometimes I barely sleep at all. This is definitely something I need to work on to help boost my health (and to also help me make the most out of my days).
  • Eat treats in moderation. I mean, I mostly do this, but I do this by avoiding eating treats on most normal days. However, I do find that on quite a few (though not all) of the occasions that I have allowed myself to have treats I struggle to have them in moderation, consuming more than I should. I really need to learn to let treats be treats. 
  • Work on dealing with my stress more effectively. I actually want to discuss this in a bit more detail, which I plan on doing a bit later on. I am prone to stressing very easily, and this has such a bad effect on me. Stress can be terrible for your health, so I think it's hugely important that I find ways to deal with this effectively. 
  • Lessening the amount of fat in my diet. I have lessened the amount of fat in my diet, but I'm still too partial to having a bit too much butter and mozzarella on my food.
There are probably even more that I could add, but these are the biggest ones and the ones that stand out to me as needing to be changed. I'll post updates if I achieve (or at least try to achieve) any of these things.

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