Monday, 30 May 2016

A Typical Day For Me

I feel as though I've been slightly vague about my diet so far, so I think it would be nice to write a post about what I typically eat, to give you a bit of insight as to what my diet looks like.

Breakfast- Breakfast almost always includes some sort of juice (which is made up of a mixture of vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and carrots, and fruits such as...well I've used most fruits in these juices! I want to do a more detailed post about my favourite juice recipes sometime in the future. I also try and include something solid, to help my digestion (I'm not sure if it actually does, but I feel safer including it). At the moment, this is in the form of cereal, because I'm lazy and it only involves pouring, though it can also include anything such as porridge (plus topping(s)) or Weetabix.

Lunch- Lunch on a weekday typically consists of either soup, baked potato and tuna, or tuna and wholemeal pitta (or wholemeal toast...I've recently discovered that this is a delicious combination!). Alongside this I often, though not always, have some satsumas, and most times a granola bar and/or a healthy treat I've made myself, such as a muffin or biscuit. These treats, I must emphasise, are different to the other treats I allow myself- they're home made and probably healthier.

Dinner- Dinner varies quite wildly, so it's less easy to state the meals I typically eat. It depends on who's cooking, whether anyone is cooking, the ingredients we have at home, how much planning has gone into the dinner. Some of the dinners I've enjoyed include stir frys, turkey meat kebabs, falafel, pitta pizzas, chicken fajitas, beans burgers, regular burgers...there's so much more, I've probably forgotten loads!

On top of this I try to exercise regularly, I do Wii Zumba (as I've stated in a previous post) which I really do love. I hope to keep Zumba as a part of my exercise routine for as long as I can, whether it's on the Wii or an actual Zumba class (which would be so awesome to take part in, I've love to if I had the opportunity). I've recently been doing a one hour class three times a week, but I have done it more frequently in the past (and will do it more frequently in the future) when I do shorter workouts. I typically do my workouts across the weekend, including Friday and/or Monday, though this definitely does vary depending on my mood.

I also drink almost two litres of water a day. I had been drinking two litres, but then I decided what to work out was a healthy amount to consume for my size and it turns out that it's just under two litres, so I now drink that. I have a 600ml bottle of water that I refill three times a day- once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

I hope this gives you more of an insight into what I eat. I'm pretty happy with my diet- it feels realistic and is easy to maintain, plus it allows me to enjoy eating. I'll probably do a post outlining what I've eaten on a specific day in more detail. In fact, I might do these quite regularly, to show you changes in my diet and give you an in depth look into what my diet and lifestyle is like in a variety of ways.

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