Monday, 20 June 2016

Product Review: Aussie Three Minute Miracle Reconstruction

My hair care routine isn't exactly sophisticated. Shampoo and conditioner and either plait and leave to dry or towel dry, heat protection spray and straighten. Not exactly fancy. For a while now, however, I've been aware of just how damaged and dry my hair is, and I felt that it was necessary that I tried something more to help my hair a bit. I'd heard about deep conditioner and had been debating using it for sometime. A couple of weeks ago I decided to take the plunge. I decided to try Aussie's Three Minute Miracle Reconstruction Deep Conditioner as it was one of the few that had been available for purchase from the supermarket I was shopping at. I'd used Aussie products in the past and hadn't been particularly impressed, so I wasn't expecting much from this. I was wrong.

I've used it twice now and I'm really happy! I felt that it delivered exactly as it promised it would- it actually repaired my dry, damage, split end riddled hair. That's an impressive feat. My hair was in a pretty appalling state, but it now feels light, feathery and deliciously soft. There are still split ends but, since my hair had become so bad that my split ends had split ends, this is no surprise. It's not like it can wave a magic wand and cause my split ends to vanish. However, there are far fewer split ends and the ends of my hair no longer feel like straw that could snap at any minute. It also smells amazing!

The only downsides I found with the product is that it doesn't do much to combat frizz (not that it promised it would, but my hair gets very frizzy very easily, so it would have been nice if it did) and I had to straighten my hair to fully see the effect the conditioner had. Aussie does, however, have a deep conditioner specifically for frizzy hair, so I'll probably try that soon in the hopes of eradicating the awful frizz. Despite these criticisms, I really do think it's a great product. It does what it says- repairs damaged hair (and it worked on my insane, thick, frizzy hair which is a miracle in itself) - which is more than what most hair care products do. The fact that I decided to write a review about it proves this easily.

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