Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Meal Snapshot

I want to showcase my diet at different points, to give you an idea of what I eat. Some days are healthier and other days are not so healthy. I feel like a lot of people who blog about health don't showcase the not so healthy points (I suppose they don't have them, but I feel like if you do have them you should still discuss them as it's normal to have days where you aren't as healthy you normally are) in order to make themselves enhance their image as the epitome of health. I want to be open and honest about my diet, displaying the good and the very, very bad.

I decided that, since I've spent a lot of time discussing the healthy side of my diet- and this is primarily the one I eat- I will start of by showing you a healthier day (Thursday 9th June).

I started the day with a banana smoothie consisting of banana, peanut butter, milk, honey and a splash of vanilla. It tasted really good, almost like a vanilla milkshake. I followed this up with a strawberry, spinach and grape smoothie, which is pictured, as I felt I needed a bit of fruit and veg. I also had to finish the strawberries, grapes and spinach.

For lunch I had a baked potato with tuna, which I really enjoy. I didn't take a picture because it doesn't look too appetising, though it definitely tastes so much better than it looks. 

A bit later on I wolfed down half a punnet of strawberries. These strawberries were handpicked from a farm that supplies Marks and Spencer and other supermarkets nationwide with strawberries and they were so deliciously sweet I could not stop eating them. About an hour after that I had a square of Lindt sea salted dark chocolate, which is also pretty yummy- it's the combination of the sweetness and saltiness, they complement each other perfectly!

For dinner I cooked falafel. I'd made it before and really enjoyed it, so I was keen to make it again. However, this time round I felt it wasn't as good. I don't know if it was missing something or if I just wasn't that hungry. I ate it with wholemeal pitta bread, raw onion, a tamarind sauce and, in an attempt to be healthy, some mixed greens, which really did not go. I ended up pulling them out.

I was really cheeky and had two Lindor chocolates before bed, whilst watching Netflix. 

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