Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Blog Update

I have to be honest, I haven't been doing so well in regards to leading a healthier lifestyle and, as a result, my blog has suffered. I'm just a little bit ashamed of how little I've posted in the last month or so! I'm trying to get my diet back on track, as well as managing to work at least a bit of exercise in, so I'm hoping that I will be posting more regularly about these things pretty soon. In the mean time, I'll try writing about a few other things, just to keep this blog alive. I want to stick to the theme as much as possible, but I also want these posts to reflect my lifestyle, so I don't want to post anything that focuses on a healthy lifestyle when mine isn't (plus, in my opinion. it's more difficult to write about these things when you're not practising them anyway).

I also wanted to add that as I approach the beginning of university again, I want to write about a few things related to university, some of it to help myself and some of it to help others.

Anyway, I hope to post again soon, though I have no idea what about!

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