Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Room Tour

I've managed to give my room a bit of a clean and I've changed things round a bit. In my opinion it looks pretty nice, nicer than previously. I am biased though. As a result I thought it might be nice to do a sort of room tour type thing (I guess its not a tour per se seeing as this is a typed post) and show you how I organise my space.

I last painted and restyled my room in 2010 and I'm pretty happy with it in that respect, so there really wasn't any need to make any drastic changes. I did feel like things didn't quite work in some respects, so I decided to work on carrying out these improvements, which included switching my desk and sofa round, moving my fairy lights as well as adding new ones and buying a new desk chair amongst other things. Anyway, I'll get on with showing off my room.

My bed is the centrepiece of the room, which is fitting considering how much time I spend in it. It's really pretty much the most important thing in here. I've had it a long time, it was bought all the way back when my room was decorated for the very first time when I was around six and I still shared a room with my sister (she has her own now, which was also recently re-decorated.) The sheets I have on it currently are from Asda- they're full cotton, which is good as my skin is very temperamental. I've hung some fairy lights around my bed (these used to be around my canvas, they're over three years old but still in very good shape), so I can use the light from them to read in the dark. I was fortunate enough to find some cheap adhesive hooks (99p- bargain!) which I've used to hold up the fairy lights. While they aren't quite camouflaged I think they actually look pretty nice, in a sort of metal, minimalistic way if that makes any sense! I also have a small table by my bed, which is useful for keeping my phone/drink/snack- all the important things.

My desk, which has been moved to the corner next to the window, is one that I got when I last re-docrated my room. I think it was from Argos, I'm not sure if they still sell them. I wouldn't be surprised if they do. I'm trying to keep my desk relatively clutter free as it gives me more space to work/do art but it would be a shame to let some of that surface are go to waste. I recently bought the rose gold basket from Primark for about £2-£3, with the intention of using it to store all my little bits and bobs that I use regularly in order to make things look a little more neat. The silver pot is also from Primark, I've used it to hold my pens and scissors. The other box is one that came with my fossil watch, and it contains all the small items that would fall through the holes of the bigger basket. I also have my speaker, a whiskey bottle which holds my colouring pencils, canvas I painted and a sea salt and lavender scented candle in a marble pot which I mostly bought because I thought the pot looked pretty, though it certainly doesn't smell terrible! The draws don't have much- more stationery, a range of notebooks and my more unsightly art tools. the chair is a recent addition which I purchased from Ikea for £15- I think it's simple but effective. The fact that it doesn't put a strain on the wallet also helps!

Next to my desk I have my canvas (I really like city skylines, especially at night), and some cool white lights draped over it. These are recent additions (purchased from Clas Olson) and I have to say, they're really good- nice and bright. The black cord makes for a nice contrast, too. I have my sofa bed beneath the canvas. It's just an old sofa which we've had probably from before I was born, it was added to my room when it was first done up. I liked having it there and have insisted on keeping it, so it's still here, fourteen years later. I've decorated it with a black throw and cushions ( which were bought for university, but I'm back now so they have a new home) and my Pusheen plush.

I added some hooks to my door as my bags often end up in a mess on the floor- they really need (well, needed) to be hung up. I liked these because you just hang them off your door, making them incredibly easy to add to your room. Plus they were cheap (£2 from Primark, who've excelled in terms of cheap and cheerful homeware products).

There isn't much to be said about my shelves, wardrobe and draws. I have two shelves that hold my book collection (and an Absolut bottle acting as. bookend), one for general beauty things, one for my art supplies, and some which hold miscellaneous items. My wardrobe and drawers are where I store my clothes.

This cupboard/drawer things (I really don't know what to call it) was preinstalled (i.e. it was in the house when we moved in), so there was already one desk in here, which I use as a sort of vanity area. I have some small black drawers which hold important things, a jewellery box which was a Christmas gift, some colour changing candles, a tea light holder (with a tea light in it) and my lava lamp, which is temporarily residing in the corner since I've just brought it back from university. It's also where my laptop sleeps at night. As there are so many cupboards in my room not all of them hold my possessions, or if they do they aren't terribly exciting (i.e. things like medication, university work, boxes, toiletries etc.) so I won't go into much detail about those.

Aaaand I think that's everything! I hoped you liked seeing my room! I've certainly enjoyed showing it!

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