Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Travel Diary: Day 4, Alesund

The second place the ship docked at was Alesund, which was a lovely, pretty place. Again. like the day before, we woke up early and went up to the top deck in order to marvel at the scenery and practise our photography skills, followed by seeking out a table by the window and savouring our breakfast along with the view. This time we decided to set of a little later, and allowed ourselves a bit of extra time to sleep after breakfast in order to feel slightly more refreshed as we explored Alesund.

Alesund was a very beautiful place, surrounded by large mountains and glistening lakes. We spent a lot of time walking around admiring the area and taking photos of the scenery. It was pretty amazing to be able to walk around a town where you shops and other attractions but you also have a phenomenal view. Most of our trip consisted of walking around and taking in the place, which was nice but a bit tiring.

When we got back on the ship we did what we'd been doing at every port stop which was rush up to the buffet in order to fill up on unlimited food. We planned on watching 'The Theory of Everything' in our stateroom, as it was available on the entertainment system (the ships had pretty good TVs in the cabins, with shows and movies available to watch at whatever time you wanted). However, I was so exhausted from all the late nights and the early mornings that I was completely unable to keep my eyes open and as a result became overwhelmed with sleep and drifted off for a few hours (which is very unlike me- I never sleep during the day, I can barely even sleep at night when I'm supposed to). In between naps we went up to try some of the afternoon tea that was being served in the buffet, as I really like scones with cream and jam. We then quickly returned to sleeping, before getting ready for an earlier dinner in order to have more time to sleep as we had a tour the next day that we had to wake up early for.

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